Where I've Been Lately

The other day I realized that I haven't blogged anything in a very long time. Between a lack of motivation, a lack of time, and not feeling myself I kind of have avoided this little corner of my life. But, that tends to be how I operate when it comes to something like blogging. I'll do it faithfully for awhile, but the moment I start feeling uninterested or off I know it's time to disappear for awhile.

So, here's some things that have happened since the last time I posted:

  • Amy, Jeff and Baby Ez moved to Rochester
  • Everything in my apartment simultaneously decided to break
  • I applied to so many internships I could write a cover letter in my sleep
  • I had my first internship interview
  • Joseph and I took Cash to his first Komets game
  • I landed a really great internship in Fort Wayne
  • All of my professors decided that group projects are the way to go
  • Indiana decided to just skip spring, and move right on to summer
Basically, all in all I've been very busy, very excited, and very drained. I miss my best friend very very much. I'm elated over getting a ridiculously good internship. I don't know how to feel about it being 85 degrees in March.

Here's more of life according to my iPhone


{ Amy } at: March 22, 2012 at 6:06 PM said...

I miss you SO much! I don't know who will want to see The Hunger Games with me!

I'm so happy for you for your internship! And I'm sorry your professors like group projects because they really suck.

It's been warm here, too. But like mid 70s. Not 80s. 80s in March. That is crazy.


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